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Add some bold flavors to your recipes with our Dry Rub spices or any of our BBQ sauces.

Green Mountain Grills BBQ Sauce


Green Mountain Grills is proud to introduce its new line of BBQ sauces with four great flavors. Cherry Chipotle is a decadent mix of fruit and fire that will add zest to ribs, pork, vegetables, and whatever you think needs a hint of heat. Orient Express is a plum-based sauce that will add an Asian flavor to vegetables, ribs, fish, or fowl. Cattle Drive is a classic sauce that will perfectly season your meats in the traditional style of the Old West. Tennessee Sour Mash has Bourbon from the center of the barbecue universe that adds boldness to this great slow-cook specialty sop. The result is an extraordinary product that will improve your grilling experience.

Introducing Steve’s Famous Mumbo Sauce


There is a very popular sauce in the DC area which they call Mumbo Sauce (some call it mambo). Local lore says the Chinese restaurants originated this for use on wings, ribs, etc., but more accurately, the African-American restaurants in that area probably first developed it.

You’ve heard about it – now it’s time to taste it! Great on wings, ribs, French fries, pulled pork.

Green Mountain Grills Dry Rubs Seasoning Blend


Green Mountain Grills proudly announces its new line of spice rubs – Beef, Fish, Pork, Poultry, South of the Border, and Wild Game. Rather than produce just another variation of the run-of-the-mill salt, pepper, and garlic blends, we scientifically formulated these rubs based on vaunted chefs’ opinions of how the spices they contain enhance the flavor of food. The result is an extraordinary product that will improve your grilling experience.

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