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Green Mountain Grills has everything you could want for grilling. You’ve never had it this good! Click on the links below for more information on all of our great grilling products.

Green Mountain Hardwood Pellet Grills

Cook with clean hardwood pellets and without messy charcoal dust, smelly lighter fluid, explosive gas, and dangerous igniters.

Green Mountain Grills Hardwood Pellets

Grill outside with earth-friendly hardwood pellets! You will truly enjoy this clean, healthy method to grill your favorite foods.

Green Mountain Grills Sauces & Spices

Add some bold flavors to your recipes with our Dry Rub spices or any of our BBQ sauces.

Green Mountain Grills Accessories

Accessorize your Green Mountain Grill with the “Gully Washer” grill cover, a smoke rack, beer can chicken stand, or a GMG apron.

“Just plug it in and away you go on a journey to near culinary perfection. You will just LOVE grilling with pellets because of the taste, the aroma, and the lack of mess. Practically impossible to burn your food!”

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