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Accessorise your Green Mountain Grill with the “Gully Washer” grill cover, a smoke rack, a rib rack, a grill mitt, a thermal blanket, a GMG apron, a T-shirt, and a cap!

Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone front shelf


Green Mountain Grills Jim Bowie front shelf


Green Mountain Grills “Gully Washer” Grill Cover


We’ve built and tested our form-fitting grill cover to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Velcro® cinches secure the cover to the grill keeping it safe and dry. Protect your investment with a custom Green Mountain Grills Gully Washer grill cover.

Available for Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie.

Green Mountain Grills Rib and Smoke Rack

Add more cooking area in your grill with an upper rack (smoke shelf) and increase the rib room with a vertical rib rack!
Available for Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie.

  • Green-Mountain-Grills-Rib-and-Smoke-Rack2
  • Green-Mountain-Grills-Rib-and-Smoke-Rack
  • Green Mountain Grills Mitt


    This handsome, extra-heavy-duty mitt will protect your hands and make you look like a million dollars!

    Green Mountain Grills Cap


    Look smart alongside your grill!

    Green Mountain Grills T-shirt


    Set fashion trends in your neighborhood! Available in most sizes.

    Green Mountain Grills Apron


    Save the drippings for later!

    Green Mountain Grills Thermal Blanket


    Keep your poor grill warm in the wintertime and cut your pellet usage by up to 50%, too.
    Available for Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie.

    Green Mountain Grills Remote Control


    Upgrade to the remote model and enjoy total control and information from inside the comfort of your home. The RF transceivers negotiate walls, windows, trees, etc., up to 100’ away. Perfect for blistering heat or brutal cold! And the low pellet alarm even displays “FUEL” on the remote handheld device to let you know if you’ve run low on pellets!

    Green Mountain Grills Griddle (12″ X 16″)


    Turn your grill into a stovetop! Cook bacon, eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, and more! Even fried green tomatoes!

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